Game ideas for reading

On The Run-- While traveling, have your child find as many sight words as he or she can on billboards, signs, and so on.  If you don't have a sight word list with you, invite your child to read the "little" words.  You can play this game in a car, on a walk, or even in line at the grocery store.
Spill a Sight Word-- Copy sight words onto small cards.  (You can cut index cards in quarters or cut sturdy paper into pieces.)  Place the word cards in an empty container, such as a tall plastic tumbler or an empty tennis ball can.  Invite your child to shake the container, spill out the words, and read the ones that fall face up.  Give each word your child reads a score that is equal to the number of letters in the word.  Record the total, then place the remaining words back in the can and shake and spill again.  Add the total to the first score.  Play until your child has read all words.
I'm Thinking Of...-- One player starts by giving a clue about one of the sight words-- fore example, "I'm thinking of a word that starts like horse and has 3 letters."  The other player looks a the list and tries to identify the word. (his)
In the Cupboard-- Open a cupboard and take turns with your child, finding and reading sight words.  Try the ones on the list first, then include other sight words your child is learning.  Keep going until you run out of words, time, or things in the cupboard.
Rainbow Letters-- Turn sight words into rainbows.  Ask your child to write a sight word on paper in big letters.  Using different-colored crayons, your child can then trace around the word again and again, reading the word each time.
Read My Back-- "Write" a sight word on your child's back.  Can your child guess the word?  Trade places-- let your child trace a word from the list on your back.  Continue taking turns tracing and guessing sight words.
Fast/Slow-- Read the sight words as slowly as you can.  Try it again, this time as fast as you can.
Sight Word Tunes-- Sing the words to the tune of a familiar song such as Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.
Say and Clap-- Say each word, then spell it, clapping once for each letter.
Jump On It-- Copy sight words on index cards (one word per card).  Make a second set of the same words.  Scatter one set face up on the floor, leaving about a foot between each card.  Place the other set in a stack facedown.  Turn over the first card in the stack.  Have your child read the word (offer help as needed) and then jump on the corresponding card on the floor.  Turn over the next card and have your child read it and jump to that word.  Continue until your child has jumped on all of the words.  Mix up the cards and play again.