Kids Swimming
Welcome to Summer!!!

New Breakfast/Lunch Prices
Meal Prices-Full Pay
Breakfast (K-12) $1.35
Breakfast (Adult) $1.50
Lunch (K-6) $2.10
Lunch (7-12) $2.35
Lunch (Adult) $2.75

Meal Prices-Reduced
Breakfast (K-12) $0.30
Lunch (K-12) $0.40

Milk (all) $0.40




Important Dates:

    May 17            Field Day
    May 18            Last Day of School (Early Out)
     August 15     Open House
     August 17     1st Day of School
     August 29    Fundraiser Starts (Cookie Dough & Popcorn)
     September  Fundraiser Turn In Date

Mr. Ray is retiring....He will be missed!!

***End of Year Survey***

April 4, 2016
Dear Parents:

This year is quickly coming to an end.  This spring will bring continued focus on developing reading, 
math, and writing skills necessary for school success.  Thank you for your dedication to your child’s 
academic growth and partnership with Bess Truman Primary Center.  
Each year I ask for one more favor—please complete the end of the year survey to help us better plan 
for the next school year.  We are very proud of the many wonderful attributes of our school; and your 
input helps us to continue the tradition of success!  If you do not have access to a computer, please let 
your teacher know and a paper form will be sent home for you to complete.  The link will be on our 
school website as well.

Please go to this address:

Thanks in advance for your input.  Together we are providing your child a wonderful learning 
environment and wonderful memories!

Dr. Stacy Hollingsworth

Bess Truman Primary Center Principal

Bess Truman Backpack Food Drive Was a HUGE Success!!!
We tripled our donations from last year!  Way to go!!!

Great Kindness Challenge
This week at Bess Truman we are participating in the Great Kindness Challenge.  Students went home with a sheet filled with random acts of kindness. When they achieve one they mark it off their list!

Children's Author Visits

We had the pleasure of having Julia Cook visit out school this week. She is a children's author who is a former counselor and teacher. She has published over 70 books.  She read us some of her awesome books and also gave away some autographed copies of some of her books.  She also brought along her dogs who are certified service dogs. 
Her website is .


Good Afternoon!
The Redettes will be hosting a clinic for young dancers in grades kindergarten through 8 on Saturday February 6 at 1:00 pm.

Bess Truman Slideshow


Understanding Feedback on Student Work

You will notice this year that student work is graded differently than it has been in the past for 1st - 4th grade.  In order to give better feedback about students’ present level of performance, we are reporting on individual standards.  We are giving feedback in the form of levels of mastery rather than letter grades that are based on a percentage of points earned.  

When you see your child’s papers marked with a 3, 2, or 1, here is what that means.

3 = On Target for the grade level standard

2 = Approaching the grade level standard

1 = Emerging knowledge/skills on the grade level standard.

In student terms it looks like this: