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Bess Truman Primary Center is honored to provide the strong beginning every child needs to be successful.

The energetic, friendly, and focused staff is committed to the development of each child, constantly working to improve the skills necessary for success. Dedicated teachers create a learning environment of excellence, encouraging individual growth and goal attainment.

The staff is eager to form a partnership with parents to develop your child’s success. Collaboration and cooperation will ensure everyone responsible for your child’s learning will be working together. Open and sincere communication must be present and respected, recognizing the need to do what is best for your child.

Excitement and joy are present daily as we work to reach the high standards of success at Bess Truman Primary Center. Positive encouragement and reinforcement of the Cardinal Codes of Conduct enable our school to be a wonderful beginning where your child will create and imagine, grow and learn, dream and believe, and succeed and achieve.

Thank you for the confidence and commitment necessary to make this school year the year where your cardinal learns to soar!

Bess Truman Primary Center
800 North Hwy D
Webb City, MO 64870
417-673-6057 Fax

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School Carnival
where:  Bess Truman
when:    Friday, February 9
time:      5-8:30

Student Performance Times
6:00 -Baird/Gillespie