Just a few notes about our Halloween activities 

on Friday, October 31, 2014

* Costumes:  We want this to be a fun day for all and ask that you follow these guidelines when planning your child’s costume.

1.  No weapons

2.  No painted faces or hair

3.  No gory masks or fake blood

To avoid disruption of the learning process during the school day, children are not to wear any of the following items to school:

1.  Any part of their costume

2.  Any make-up

3.  Any hair color

* If a child comes to school wearing any of the items mentioned above, parents will be asked to take him/her home to change.

Students will begin dressing in their costumes at 11:00 a.m.  Parents will not be allowed in the classroom to help their child with his/her costume, so please send the costume to school with them. The Teachers and Assistants will help the children with their costumes. 

 * Parade/Party:  The Halloween parties will begin at 11:30 a.m. with an outdoor parade (weather permitting) around the parking lot on the north side of the building.  After the parade the individual classroom parties will start and these will conclude at 12:30 p.m.  We ask that parents and visitors not disturb classrooms until the parties begin.  Parents who wish to attend the parties may enter the building at the north door by the office.  All visitors must stop and sign a guest book and receive a visitor sticker to indicate you have checked in before going to a classroom.  If you enter a classroom without a sticker, you will be asked to return to the office.  This is for the safety of our students and your cooperation is appreciated. 

Parking will be a problem, so please do not block the bus lane or the entrance to the parking areas.  Buses will begin arriving around 12:50 p.m.  If you are taking your child from school, please inform your child’s teacher.

Thank you for making this a safe and fun day for everyone, 

Bess Truman Primary Center Staff

Important Dates:
10/2 Decorate float @ 4PM & parade @ 6PM
10/6 Bright Futures Parent meeting @ 6:30PM WCHS
10/7 Skate Night 6-8PM
10/9 PTO meeting @ 6PM
10/10 Little Cardinals Club (Preschool event 1-2:15PM)
10/15 Pumpkin Patch Day @ Fredrickson Farms
        8:30AM Parker, Dickinson, King (boys)
        9:30AM Mitchell, Crain, King (girls)
10/17 Fire Safety Day 8:30-10:30AM
10/20 & 10/21 Parent Teacher Conferences
10/24 No school ~ enjoy sleeping in ~
10/28 Picture RETAKE Day
10/31 Halloween Early Out-- Parade 11:30 in parking lot then party then dismissal @ 12:30

Make plans now for our FALL FESTIVAL Thursday Nov. 13th.  We have the following themed baskets 
        we are collecting items for:

Food Gift Card Basket--  Mrs. Coleman, Mrs. Crain, Mrs. King,                                                     Mrs. Davied  

Shopping/ Entertainment Gift Card Basket--  Mrs. Garrison,                                                         Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Hall, Ms. Gastel

Outdoor Fun Gift Basket--  Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Dickinson, 
                                                Mrs. Henning, Mrs. Baird

Thank you in advance for purchasing and donating an item for our gift baskets!!!

Any parent who has a home business or creates crafts are invited to send a donation for our auction!  No donation too small and all are appreciated!!!