Month of November Turkey

To: Friends and family

From: Bess Truman PTO

Subject: Craft or Food Booths during Fall Festival - Friday, November 13th, 5:00-8:00pm, Bess Truman Primary Center,

Multipurpose Room

Calling All Artists and Craftsmen!

  • Requirements to keep in mind when applying to participate:

  • Applications will be taken on a first come first fill basis with no more than 2 selling same product (such as hair bows). Variety of products for each booth welcomed and encouraged.

  • To participate $20 must be paid when turning in an application.

  • All booths must be selling something.

  • All items must be handmade or from a home business.

  • Food items must provide a 3x5 label listing ingredients.

  • Each booth must provide its own table.

  • If your booth needs electricity, your space will be charged $5 (limited outlets available).

  • At end of festival, each booth will donate 10% of profit to Bess Truman PTO.

These guidelines are intended to fill the limited space with as many interested applicants as possible.  If you would like to participate in this year’s Fall Festival please fill out the attached form and return to Bess Truman Primary Center with your $20 by November 2nd.  Participants will be notified the first week of November with additional instructions.  All spaces will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

(keep the top portion for your records)


Return bottom portion, with payment, to:

Bess Truman Primary Center

800 N Hwy D

Webb City, MO  64870

2015 Fall Festival Craft Booth Application

Name:___________________________________________        Phone Number:________________________

                                                            (AND Business Name, if applicable)

Home Address:_____________________________________________________________________________

_______ I am interested in participating in the 2015 Craft Booth during the Fall Festival in the

 Multipurpose Room on Friday, November 13th.  (Set up will be from 1-4pm on Nov. 13th.)

_______ I will need electricity at my booth and have added the $5 fee for this service.

Briefly describe your craft(s):


Please keep a copy for your records!                                 __________________________________


Fundraising Fun!!

If you missed our fundraiser, do not fret.  At any time this school year you can go to and shop.  Use our school code: 4177820 (Bess Truman Primary School) when making purchases and the company will give our school the profits of the purchase.  As always thank you for supporting our school!

Important Information for parents

Bess Truman Primary 
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New Breakfast/Lunch Prices
Meal Prices-Full Pay
Breakfast (K-12) $1.35
Breakfast (Adult) $1.50
Lunch (K-6) $2.10
Lunch (7-12) $2.35
Lunch (Adult) $2.75

Meal Prices-Reduced
Breakfast (K-12) $0.30
Lunch (K-12) $0.40

Milk (all) $0.40




Important Dates:

       11/11 Veteran's Day
       11/13 Fall Festival
       11/30 Book Fair Week

Volunteer for DONUTS WITH DADS 12/1  OR 12/2 @ 6:50AM-- EMAIL PTO @

Bess Truman Slideshow


Understanding Feedback on Student Work

You will notice this year that student work is graded differently than it has been in the past for 1st - 4th grade.  In order to give better feedback about students’ present level of performance, we are reporting on individual standards.  We are giving feedback in the form of levels of mastery rather than letter grades that are based on a percentage of points earned.  

When you see your child’s papers marked with a 3, 2, or 1, here is what that means.

3 = On Target for the grade level standard

2 = Approaching the grade level standard

1 = Emerging knowledge/skills on the grade level standard.

In student terms it looks like this: