Month of May Butterflies

PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO FILL OUT THE ON-LINE SURVEY (LINK BELOW) TO LET US KNOW HOW WE ARE DOING AS A SCHOOL AND AREAS THAT COULD USE IMPROVEMENT!  We appreciate your input and appreciate your help making us the best school possible!


Cardinal Award Nomination Forms are now open!  Go to:

Parents, guardians, students, and patrons may nominate a teacher for this award by filling out this form stating why you feel the teacher should be a candidate for the Cardinal Award.

Please include how the teacher affected a particular student or situation, their professionalism, activities in and beyond the classroom, and ability to instill in his/her students the desire to do their best and reach their full learning potential.

Please submit this form by April 14, 2017. Thank you for your support of Webb City Schools!


YEARBOOK ORDERS DUE FEBRUARY 24TH.  You can order online at  with Yearbook ID Code: 9680517

New Breakfast/Lunch Prices
Meal Prices-Full Pay
Breakfast (K-12) $1.35
Breakfast (Adult) $1.50
Lunch (K-6) $2.10
Lunch (7-12) $2.35
Lunch (Adult) $2.75

Meal Prices-Reduced
Breakfast (K-12) $0.30
Lunch (K-12) $0.40

Milk (all) $0.40




Important Dates:

    May 22 Field Day
    May 23 Last Day of School

LifeTouch School Photos
If you were not able to send your child's picture money in it is not too late to still order photos.  Visit or call 1-866-955-8342.  Bess Truman's picture day ID is GJ016129Y0.

Free/Reduced Lunch Link

Bess Truman Slideshow


Understanding Feedback on Student Work

You will notice this year that student work is graded differently than it has been in the past for 1st - 4th grade.  In order to give better feedback about students’ present level of performance, we are reporting on individual standards.  We are giving feedback in the form of levels of mastery rather than letter grades that are based on a percentage of points earned.  

When you see your child’s papers marked with a 3, 2, or 1, here is what that means.

3 = On Target for the grade level standard

2 = Approaching the grade level standard

1 = Emerging knowledge/skills on the grade level standard.

In student terms it looks like this: